And then there was Red...

Last week, I received my over-due goodie bag from Bourjois Middleeast. It’s been two and half months since I’ve been expecting it... I usually never win in any kind of competition – hence my excitement!!! :) However, after drowning my jubilance with the long wait, I was genuinely surprised when I got a delivery call on Christmas eve! So, at least I could consider it my Christmas gift! :)

Anyway, with the festive season at hand, I thought it would try out to the red lipstick products. There are two key products that seemed appropritate:

  1. Contour Edition Lipliner, in color # 06 Tout Rouge

  2. Color Boost Glossy Lipstick in color # 05 Red Island

So, I prepped my lips, and then completely filled it in with the lipliner. Then I went over it with the Glossy Lipstick. Here is a snapshot of the final look!

I loved the final outcome – the color was vibrant, and my lips were smooth and hydrated. The glossy effect was just perfect. So, what did I think of the products that I used? Well, here are my thoughts:

The Lipliner:

As I started to apply it, I was pleasantly surprised by the color pay-off and how super creamy it was! It was this beautiful intense red and it just glided on my lips. I was on to a good start!

However, I soon found out that the creaminess of the lipliner was a double-edged sword! I had barely outlined my lips, and realized I had to sharpen it again, and then my disappointment – the lipliner was very creamy that was very difficult to sharpen it – it kept breaking off. This was a huge let down for me. Anyway, I decided to continue, glad that I had least done a decent outline, which would be important to prevent the lipstick from bleeding. However, I soon realized that didn’t work either! Even though the lipliner stated that it creates a “barrier effect”, it did not hold up well… another disappointment.

So would I buy this product? Well even though the lipliner scored well in most areas, the problem of it melting was a deal-breaker for me – it kind of defeats the purpose of a lipliner!

The Lipstick:

Now on to the lipstick.. what I loved about this is that it had a very nice glossy finish. It wasn’t over-done or too sticky like some other products in the market. It had a beautiful sheen. Bourjois did really well with the finish. Also, I found the color payoff to be good. I think it is intended to be as it says a “booster”… so just too enhance another layer. From that perspective it worked well in combination with the lip liner. I did try it by itself, and I found the color-pay off to be decent – not as intense with the lip liner… but the thing to realize with these kind of products is that they are not very long-lasting. So, ofcourse, it transfers very easily. What I also liked about the product is that it was very hydrating, and as advertised, really had that “bare lip sensation” .. that was a really nice bonus!

So, would I buy this product? I think this is a nice product to easily carry in your bag during the day – knowing that you would have to touch it up every now and then. It gives your lips this fresh hydrated feeling, and you really don’t feel that you have anything on… so yes, if Im going for a dewy fresh look, and if it is of a suitable price.

Let me know if you found this blog helpful! Also, would love to hear if you have tried any of these products, and whether they worked or not for you!

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