'Tis the season to be jolly..

With the joyful Christmas season round the corner, I thought it would be perfect to share the story of the red lips.

Red lips are a classic. It is hard not to make a statement without them! I also love that they are generally one of those long-lasting colors, because of the intensity of the pigment. Nowadays you can get even more long-lasting products such as lip-stains. However, if you wanted to use your favorite regular red lipstick, here are a few tips on how to get an even more enduring color. I have summarized them in 3 basic steps:


The lips are usually one of the last things you would do. So make sure your lips are ready by adding a lip balm or moisturizer right at the start of your makeup, so that they are soft and smooth when its time to work on them.

  1. Take a dab of concealer/foundation and lightly pat it all over your lips. This will give a clean slate to work with. This is important so that you get the same color as that you see in lipstick, or whatever other product you will use. It also allows you to create a clear defined shape for your lips, and always adds to the longevity of your makeup.

  2. Take a lip pencil which is the same / close to the color of the lipstick you want to use. Create an outer shape of your lips. You can go slightly above your normal lip line if you want the appearance of it being fuller or keep inside if you want it to appear thinner.


Completely fill in your lips at two levels: first with your lip liner and then with your lipstick. The lip liner creates a base with your lipstick can adhere to. This dramatically increases the longevity of your lipstick.


This last step, you can repeat 2 - 3 times if you like. This ensures that you have an even more intense and long-lasting color:

  1. Take a regular tissue paper and separate it, so that you have only 1-ply thin layer.

  2. Add this layer to your lips so that it absorbs all of the moisture. Don't worry if it takes in some of the color, with it.

  3. Take some loose translucent powder and dust it off on top of the tissue

  4. Remove the tissue and re-apply your lipstick

This process takes away alot of the moisture and leaves behind the pigment stuck to your lips, so that most of it remains even when you eat and drink,


  • MAC Red Brick Pencil Liner

  • Bassam Fatthouh Red Carpet Lipstick

Hope you found this useful! Don't forget to leave in your comments or recommendations for this page if you liked it! Have a great Christmas!

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