The blog of the start of a story

I’m very excited to launch this website. Who would have thought that after graduating with a Computer Science degree, and following a successful 10-year business career, I would venture into a completely new arena of artistry? I call it artistry, because that’s in a nutshell how I see it. There is something fascinating and thrilling about holding a brush and painting with it, bringing to life colors that were once dried up in a palette. And what more beautiful canvas can you get than that which was naturally created…

My vision for this blog is to share stories, and personal thoughts on products, techniques and trends in the makeup artistry industry. I would like to begin with those which were challenges for myself, and what I've learnt about them, so that maybe others could benefit as well.

As we are all on a journey to learn and share from each other, I most welcome your comments at any time, and hope you enjoy the ride...

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