SunKissed Curls Philosophy

There is inherent beauty in curly hair: it is a creative expression of personality and individuality. SunKissed Curls is all about embracing that uniqueness. With every texture, curl pattern, dent, color and even frizz, comes a bold statement of who YOU are!

Having struggled myself for so long to conform to society’s expectations of what looks ‘acceptable’ and what is ‘good’ for my hair, I found true liberation in just letting go and embracing my natural curls. And that is the heart of SunKissed Curls vision: to empower and help new and existing generations to embrace their curly identity (one strand at a time!).

The most challenging part is realizing that reviving your natural curls is a journey: it requires patience and consistency to regain the health of your hair and undo the years of damage. Yes, it will take time, but it will happen – I’m a living example of that! And I would be absolutely honored to be part of your journey too! 

SunKissed Curls Services

I'm a Certified Curly Hair Artist, and I've attended multiple trainings from various stylists to bring you a breadth of techniques & methods. 

Customized haircuts are done on dry hair as per the Cubist Cut Method (developed by curly hair guru Scott Musgrave). It is inspired by the Japanese wabi-sabi principles, allowing the curls and waves to live freely without technical restraints, whilst achieving visual balance. This method is true to the nature of curly hair that thrives in its own individuality. 

Every haircut starts with a personal consultation, where I get to know you and your hair goals, followed by a hair assessment, and a discussion of the best available options to help you reach your target. Sometimes, we can achieve the target in one session, and sometimes we need multiple rounds. However, in all cases, I commit to giving you a shape that is unique to you, your personality, and lifestyle. 

Our uniqueness does not only dictate our haircut but also how we take care of it. There are so many factors that come into play to get beautiful healthy & bouncy curls: hair density, porosity, thickness color, health, & washing routine are just ​a few to consider. That is why one of my key objectives is to help you get started on the roadmap to understand your hair and be confident with styling it. To complement this, I have curated a special SunKissed Curls service with a unique experience of a hands-on learning session, where you get to style your own hair, and also leave with a recommended personalized routine!

Please visit the Services page to find a comprehensive list of the services & prices.